For far too long our representatives have ignored and forgotten those of us here in Southeast Colorado Springs.

They get elected and then forget about us.

Luckily, we are resilient and hard working people.

We strive everyday to protect our families and make ends meet.

I believe we need representatives who share those traits and know our struggles.

That’s why I’m announcing my candidacy for State Representative.

Please join us this Saturday at the Valley Hi Golf Clubhouse to learn more about my plans to fight for you in Denver. More information is below.

Thank you for your interest in our community and my campaign to return our area to greatness.

All the best,

Kit Roupe

House District 17 Campaign Kickoff

WHAT: Kit Roupe Kickoff Announcement and Reception

WHO: Small Businesswoman Kit Roupe and State Senator Bernie Herpin

WHERE: Valley Hi Golf Clubhouse; 610 South Chelton Road

WHEN: Saturday, November 16; 11:00 AM