28 Sep 2014
September 28, 2014

Catching up! Outreaching and Endorsements

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phone bank picture 2It’s been a busy few weeks!  So many people to visit and share the plan with. We’ve visited over 2,000 voters, called hundreds of voters, and been interviewed by numerous associations who care about our community. We’ve put up signs, answered surveys, and well,  just reaching out to people in our community.

phone bank pictureIMG_2302 IMG_2498The Colorado Springs Police Protective Association wants to return to community policing. We did that when I served on the CSPD IMG_2395 IMG_2362 IMG_2383 IMG_2225Citizens Advisory Committee at Sand Creek Division.  Things have changed over the years and it’s more about enforcement than working with our law abiding citizens. I would love to help CSPD return to work community policing and I am honored to have their endorsement.

The Pikes Peak Area Realtors and the Colorado Association of Realtors interviewed me, too. Their number one concern is one near and dear to all of us – Property Rights!  What makes America, America? We can actually own property.  After many questions about property rights, transportation, and rebuilding our economy, I was again honored to have earned their endorsement, too!

All our Rights matter! Make no mistake. We need to stand tall for our Constitutional Rights!  Whether it is religious freedom, freedom of speech, rights to our own body, property rights, gun rights – all of these must be protected. If one right is forsaken, then all our rights would fall like a house of cards. We can never let that happen. I will stand up and defend our Freedoms and our Rights!