APRIL 12, 2014, 11:00 A.M. to 2 P.M.

2014-04-12 13.20.30The Virtual Training Center was a great place to meet friends and neighbors and talk about personal safety.  You may be confronted where the police are not nearby or anyone else for that matter. Faced with different scenarios, you can learn what you must do in order to protect yourself and not get in trouble with the law.

Run by veterans to help friends in the community, this is a local business within House District 17. I support local businesses and our veterans of all the services, including the National Guard and our Reserve.  Here’s a link to the Center’s website.  http://www.usvirtualtrainingcenter.com/

I did go into the simulator. I surprised a few people on what decent a shot I am.  I also learned that there are some situations that a person should not have to announce they are protecting themselves from an intruder or an assailant. Working with good people, I hope to change some things in our culture so we are not victims of the bureaucracy.

In Colorado, the Columbine, New Life Church, and the Aurora Theater shooting are all horrible tragedies. Each tragedy involved an unfortunate, disturbed person. Fellow Americans agree that the issue is not our gun rights. The issue is that of a failing system not helping these disturbed individuals with care and compassion. Our leaders must be willing to govern tough issues and not be swayed to do what looks easiest. Disarming our citizens does not disarm criminals. Criminals do not care about the laws. By disarming free, law abiding citizens, we empower the criminal element to become more bold and more predatory. Americans should be able to protect themselves against criminals. Americans should not be afraid for their safety. We do this by embracing our rights as Americans.

As you can see, I support our Second Amendment Rights! It is essential that in order to protect our Rights, we must uphold and stand by every one of our Rights. We do not get to pick and choose. If one is lost, then all of our Rights may be lost. Our Rights and our Way of Law is what makes us the most free nation in the world. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! It is why the rest of the world wishes to come to America – to be free!

Note: As many know, Crime is a major concern in the District. Kit Roupe advocates for personal and public safety.  What would you do if you were where a crime took place? A home invasion, approached in the parking lot, or at a local convenience store when it is being robbed. These situations could happen to anyone. Each of us could be ready to do the right thing when a crime happens, but what should the ‘right thing’ be? The CSPD advises taking notice of all the details and report these details to the police so the criminals can be found. Walk or run the opposite direction of a stranger approaching you.

Another way is to also be prepared.  The U.S. Virtual Training Center has simulated situations so you can learn to be ready for it.  http://www.usvirtualtrainingcenter.com/