2016-08-20-11-31-39Every year our Korean community shares its celebration of Korean Liberation Day. National Liberation Day of Korea is a celebration of when Korea gained its independence from Japanese colonial rule on August 15, 1945, and the Republic of Korea was established three years later. Every August 15, South Korea commemorates the nation’s liberation from Japanese occupation and the formation of the Republic of Korea. These celebrations extend to the many Korean communities throughout the U.S.

Last year and again this year I was honored to attend this wonderful event and to address the many Korean communities that are there!  I shared that my father served in the Korean War in the Army Air Corps and I have many family heirlooms from the beautiful things he brought back from Korea. This history is helpful as so many of the Korean communities also recognize and honor our Korean War Veterans in this event.

I also shared that the struggle and fight for Korean Liberation is so much like our Country’s fight for freedom when we became a Nation, and we still fight this great fight to this very day to protect our freedoms and liberties.

Of course, the food was from local churches. Let me say spicy is something else!  I tried so many dishes and they were all very delightful. I really like Korean food, and this was a beautiful and delicious plus here.

I thank the Korean community for the generosity and hospitality! I look forward to joining you all again next year!