29 Mar 2016
March 29, 2016

My Medicaid Bill hits the skids…

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medicaidToday we had our hearing for our Medicaid bill, “Tax Incentive on the Unreimbursed Portion of Medicaid”. This bill would have reduced the time for government reimbursements to Medicaid providers and offered and incentive for them to keep their Medicaid practice.  We had testimony from dentists and doctors, but the bill failed unanimously in House State and Veterans Affairs.  I’m set to reintroduce the bill in 2017.

This bill addresses many issue. Foremost that the state budget is being overtaken by Medicaid reimbursement requirements. Our roads and education budgets are being directly impacted by this element and the primary growth of our state budget is directly linked to Medicaid.

We can protect our Medicaid providers and their patients if we look for another means to ensure reimbursements happen and our providers can stay in practice.  That is the primary goal.

By alleviating this pressure on the budget, we can reallocate the $1Billion shortfall for roadway construction throughout the state. In addition, we have $850Million shortfall in education as well, putting our money back into schools.