sierra-back-to-school-2016It is an honor and a privilege to serve our community.  I’d like to share what we did to protect our Colorado environment this first term. I voted for sound policy. The bills listed below were the bills I voted for and I either sponsored or was the prime sponsor of the bills in bold. Here is also a link to the General Assembly home page. Under Session Information, pick Prior Sessions to look up previous years’ bills. It’s one way to fact check a vote.

I am also aware that many workforce development and school initiatives are of interest to educating our communities about the environment. I attended an Intro to American Politics at Colorado College. Here’s just a piece of the two hours I visited with Rep Pete Lee and spoke to three combined classes.

blueriverafterrestorationSo here we go! Feel free to email me about any of these bills.  Email is  my cell phone number is 719-238-4656.  I may have to stop and look it up but I will remember once I see the bill.

2015 session:

House Bill (HB) 15-1102, Expansion of the Colorado Cottage Food Act, signed into law (We all worry about GMOs and our economy. This bill was excellent at addressing both.)

HB15-1132, Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, died in the senate

HB15-1180, Sales & Use Tax Refund for Medical and Clean Technology, signed into law

HB15-1246, Crowdfund Intrastate Securities On-line, signed into law

HB15-1252, Extend Healthy Rivers Fund Voluntary Contribution, signed into law

HB15-1284, (Prime Sponsor) Expand Scope Shared Photovoltaic Facilities, signed into law

HB15-1316, PUC Simplified Process for Taxicab Certificates, signed into law

HB15-1325, Industrial Hemp Dept of Ag, died in the senate

HB15-1348, Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act, signed into law

HB15-1363, Infrastructure Resistance to EMP and Solar Flare, died in the house

HB15-1382, Work Force Innovation and Opportunity Act, died in the senate

HB15-1386, Align Recycling & Machine Tool Tax Exemption, died in the senate

Senate Bill (SB) 15-046, Renewable Energy Standard Adjust REAs Distribution Generation, signed into law

SB16-057, Clean Claims Task Force Reporting Requirements, signed into law

SB15-138, ASCENT Program Funding, signed into law

SB15-187, High-performance Transportation Enterprise Loans, signed into law

SB15-121, Drinking Water Fund Assistance Non-profits, signed into law

SB15-183, Quantify Water Right Historical Consumptive Use, signed into law

SB15-253, Fund Colorado Conservation Board Projects, signed into law

SB15-254, Municipal Renewable Energy Tax Credits for Solar, signed into law

 2016 session:

HB16-1005, Residential Percipitation Collection, signed into law

HB16-1019, Broadcast Burns Watershed Protection, signed into law

HB16-1053, Retail Hydrogen Fuel Systems Regulation, signed into law

HB16-1066, Electrical Industry Safety and Training Act, signed into law

HB16-1079, Pesticide free Cannabis Certification Program, died in the senate

HB16-1109, Application of State Water Law to Federal Agencies, signed into law

HB16-1174, Conservation Easement Tax Credit Landowner Relief, signed into law

HB16-1249, Recodify Water Pollution Control Fees, signed into law (materials says I voted against it, I voted for it)

HB16-1255, Manage Forests to Improve Water Supply Conditions, signed into law

HB16-1256, South Platte Water Storage Study, signed into law

HB16-1276, Conduct Emergency Response at Legacy Mining Sites, signed into law

HB16-1413, Water Pollution Control Projects, signed into law

HB16-1458, Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects, signed into law

SB16-003, Broadcast Burns Wildfire Risk Reduction, signed into law

SB16-021, Recognition of Public Lands Day, signed into law

SB16-058, Colorado Farm to Consumer sales, signed into law

SB16-124, Machine Tools Sales Tax Exempt Recovered Materials, signed into law

SB16-145, Colorado River District Subdistrict Formation, signed into law

SB16-171, New Energy Improvement District Clarifications, signed into law

SB16-185, E-15 Gasoline Income Tax Credit for Retail Dealers, signed into law