Jobs and National Security through Energy Security I am honored to join my friends with United Veterans Committee for this Breakfast that emphasizes the need for our Nation to have Energy Security and a strong economy.  Hosted by the UVC and, the case was made that moving forward in this endeavor will be a.. read more →

My honor to be a sponsor in naming part of US Hwy 24 through Colorado Springs as the Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Highway. The portion of the highway in the Memorial is from mile marker 308 up by Manitou Springs going through Colorado Springs to marker 298 near Peterson AFB. Senate Joint Resolution 16-35, Naming Hwy 24.. read more →

27 Jul 2016
July 27, 2016

CSPD Chief Carey Town Hall

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When there’s a town hall I will attend it if at all possible. I care about listening to what the presenters have to say and to what the attendees are asking. So the Police Chief’s town hall was an excellent opportunity to hear about CSPD outreach to minority communities to become a part of the police.. read more →

25 Jun 2016
June 25, 2016

Walking with Friends!

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I can’t tell you how fun it is to walk with my friends in the District. I don’t take too many pictures but sharing photos of some of my best of friends is always a wonderful topic! So BIG thank you to  Alyssa and Dylan here with me walking on a beautiful Saturday morning! read more →

It was striking to see this Denver Post article with no reference to who and where this law came from.  But, knowing that this was the only domestic violence bill that was passed this past session makes it clear, our law, our idea, benefited victims throughout the state.  That makes me proud to represent our District.. read more →