17 Dec 2015
December 17, 2015

What’s in Our Budget?

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2015-12-17-11-00-00Serving on the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee and the House Finance Committee, I attended several Joint Budget Committee hearings concerning state departments’ budget proposals in December 2015.  Make no mistake, I asked about why they were asking for increases in certain areas of their budgets. What drove their priorities and changes presented in their budget?

2015-12-11-10-41-24Later I will hear these same presentations at the SMART Act hearings for each of our committees. The details will be presented differently because it is a different purpose, but still I look to hear consistency in the explanation of why and what for.

Here, for instance, I listened to PERA present their case at a SMART Act hearing concerning the best path forward for investments and alternative investment plans that were studied by an independent third party. PERA is under the oversight of the House Finance Committee.

Listening to these hearings and presentations played a key role into whether I voted for or against a bill.