Why I'm Running

When I first came to Colorado Springs in 1975, I was a soldier at Fort Carson.

Southeast Colorado Springs was the place to live.

It was growing and thriving.

Now, we’ve been ignored and forgotten by our political leaders and our communities have seen increased crime and decay.

Despite these out-of-touch politicians, we continue to raise our families and fight to make ends meet.

As a small business owner, I’ve lived through the struggles of making payrolls and getting the bills paid.

Unfortunately, state government has made running your own business virtually untenable.

They burden us with increased taxes, fees and red tape and make it difficult for us to hire our neighbors and improve our community.

We need a leader who has been a part of this district for decades.

We need a leader who knows this district’s struggles.

We need a leader that will empower people and make it easier for small businesses to hire our citizens.

We need someone who believes that our best days are ahead and has a plan to get us there.

That’s why I’m running for re-election as your state representative to be your voice in Denver!


How Big Government Hurts Teachers

How Big Government Hurts Teachers

Throughout this week we watched and heard a great deal about teacher salaries especially from the demonstrations in Denver on Friday. Many may ask why the protests are in Denver and not in our local communities.  After all, local school districts decide teacher compensation, not the state. Even last year,

Kit’s Legislative Record

Kit’s Legislative Record

Thank you to all who voted and supported me while I served you in the legislature. It's important to give a list and recounting of what I did in support of our Community while serving as your Representative.  Please, feel free to email me or call with questions you may

Kit’s Story about the Equal Pay Act

Kit’s Story about the Equal Pay Act

I had a great question today asked by voting constituents. She and her husband wanted to know why I voted against the Equal Pay bill.  We heard this bill in our House Business Affairs and Labor Committee and again on the House floor. Foremost, I am a person who has

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