The Issues

“The Best view of Big Government is in the rear-view mirror as we leave it behind!”

– Ronald Reagan

Jobs & The Economy

In 2008 the Federal government passed laws to create jobs. Where are the jobs?! It’s a fact that Government does not create jobs, people do. Our House District 17 has as much as 8% unemployment in some neighborhoods.  As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is to meet payroll or decide whether to hire or contract staff support.

A challenge, too is that 47% of our families are single-parent households. As a single mom, I had to balance work and family. Today I work with my team and allow for family time, time for a sick child and understand when you need give-and-take.

Child care services are minimal in our neighborhoods.  Yes, we are fortunate for the SE YMCA, the Boys & Girls Club, and the programs offered by School District 2 and 11, but that is not enough. A single parent may have to choose between working second shift or staying home with the kids because they cannot find a sitter.  I will look to reform child care to make this important service affordable and to make it easier for working parents to provide for their families.

Let’s not forget! Repealing economy blasting laws to help restore a free-market economy is the number one priority for House District 17. Let’s get government out of the way, allowing you, me, our friends and neighbors to realize their American Dream.


Not every child’s destiny is a college degree. One gap stands out and that is a lack of vocational training at the high school level. Sierra High School, located in House District 17, has a vocational training program that could be the model for expanding or creating more vocational training in our communities. Programs like robotics are offered. With such a model, we can improve education in our House District and in other districts throughout the State, helping to keep business and manufacturing in our State.

I sponsored several bills to connect vocational training with PPCC and other colleges, the school districts and employers. We’re seeing it work! Springs Fabrication now works with PPCC and the school district to train welders for a new company coming to our part of town! I’m proud to support our community in this long awaited process. We will start to see improvements through 2016 and 2017 and beyond.

A serious threat to our educational system is Common Core. This federally driven, top-down program approach to education is robbing local control from our school districts and parents. Home schooling, charter schools, and our public schools are all affected by Common Core. Common Core doesn’t make us more educated, employable, or competitive; it makes us less so. We must stop the attrition of local control and quality education, and we start drawing the line with Common Core.

This year I visited teachers from all through our community. They all say the same thing. We know how to prepare a curriculum. We know how to teach. Testing for the sake of testing proves nothing. Fewer tests and more teaching is what our teachers desperately want. I believe in our teachers and that they have the skills and talent to teach our children.

Medicaid & The State Budget

Medicaid is on a track to bankrupt our state and we see a steady decline in the number of Medicaid providers. With the goal of incentivizing providers to stay and to change the way we fund Medicaid reimbursement, I ran HB16-1212, Tax Incentive for the Unreimbursed Portion of Medicaid. I have been asked by several health care and health service organizations to run that bill again and I will. Taking such steps helps to protect Medicaid for Colorado citizens.

Crime & Public Safety

Almost every week there is a crime committed in our House District that is on the local TV stations. Gangs, drug activity, cyber bullying, home invasions, and attempted kidnappings are facts in our neighborhoods and community. Again, big government has told us we do not need to protect ourselves, and we know that is a lie.

I sponsored three bills that became law. These laws take on human trafficking, domestic violence and student data privacy. As a Veteran and single-mom, these were among my top concerns. These bills came from friends living in the community. I was proud to work with them and other stakeholders. We did so much, and I promise to continue working together with you to protect our families, our children and our communities.

Repealing last year’s gun-control legislation is a first step to restoring our Constitutional Rights. Real reform by improving the Mental Health System is what we want. Real reform to protect our children like passing Jessica’s Law and up-scaling the Safe To Tell program for school children to report cyber bullying will make a difference. Protecting our seniors and bringing resources to our local law enforcement agencies is critical to ensuring they can respond to our calls. Empowering people to protect themselves and their property is essential to our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

States' Rights & The Tenth Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

– The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

For decades we have seen States’ Rights taken away by our Federal Government. Light bulbs, EPA mandated low-flow flush toilets, and gun-rights are examples of what is not within the powers decreed in the U.S. Constitution. Reasserting our State’s rights and standing up for Colorado is what we expect of our representatives.

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