Kit’s Legislative Record

Thank you to everyone who supported me while I served you in the legislature. It’s important to give a recounting of what I accomplished in support of our community while serving as your Representative.  Please, feel free to email me or call with questions you may have concerning any of these bills. Unless a bill notes “died” at the end of the line, the bill became law.


Jobs and the Economy

Repeal Dept of Revenue (DOR) Revenue Impact Accounting Requirements, HB16-1026
Electrical Industry Safety and Training Act, HB16-1073
Modify Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Aircraft, HB16-1119
Sales &Use Tax Exemption Retirement Commercial Food, HB16-1187
Business Income Tax Credit Offer Apprenticeships, HB16-1301
Regulation of Massage Therapy, HB16-1320
Promoting Affordable Housing, HB16-1466
First-time Home Buyer Savings Account Tax Deduction, HB16-1467
Machine Tools Sales Tax Exemption Recovered Materials, Senate Bill (SB) 16-124
Liquor-licensed Drugstores Multiple Licenses, SB16-197
Evaluation of the State’s Tax Expenditures, SB16-203
Expedite Litigation Workers’ Compensation Claims, SB16-217
Small Business Definition, HB15-1096 (died in committee)
Distillery Pub Alcohol Beverage License, HB15-1204
Local Government Input Liquor Sales Room Applications, HB15-1217
Expand Scope Shared Photovoltaic Facilities, HB15-1284
PUC Simplified Process for Taxicab Certificates (Uber/Lyft), HB15-1316
Pay for Success Contracts, HB15-1317
Industrial Hemp Dept of Agriculture, HB15-1325
Work Force Innovation and Opportunity Act, HB15-1382
Enhanced Unemployment Compensation Benefits, HB15-1231
County Workforce Development Property Tax Incentives, SB15-082
Small Business Cottage Foods Act, SB15-085
PACE Program Flexibility for Business Entity, SB15-137
High-performance Transportation Enterprise Loans, SB15-187


Supplement On-line Education & Blended Learning Resources, HB16-1222
Incentives to Complete Career Development Courses, HB16-1289
Modern Technology Education in Public Schools, HB16-1291
Admin Flexibility for School Districts and Schools, HB16-1440
Mobile Learning Labs Workforce Development, HB15-1271
Creation of Career Pathways for Students, HB15-1274
Career & Tech Education in Concurrent Enrollment, HB15-1275
Changes to Assessments in Public Schools, HB15-1323
Expand Job Growth Tax Credit for Higher Education Project, HB15-1366
ASCENT Program Funding, SB15-138

Public and Child Safety

Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders, HB16-1066
Assault by Strangulation, HB16-1080
Summons In Lieu of Warrant for Non-violent Crimes, HB16-1104 (Saves Sheriff’s departments $250K/year)
Treat Trafficking of Children as Child Abuse, HB16-1224
Extend Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault, HB16-1260
Student Data Collection Use Security, HB16-1423
Volunteer Fire Department Organization, House Bill (HB)15-1017
Interactive Electronic Harassment, HB15-1072
Policies on Juvenile Shackling in Court, HB15-1091
Allow Driving with One Earphone, HB15-1207
Background Checks for Youth Sports Organizations, HB-15-1328
Placement Stability for Children and with Siblings, HB15-1337
Prostitution Defense for Human Trafficking Victim, Senate Bill (SB)15-030
School District Data Protection and Transparency, SB15-173

Senior and Developmentally Disabled Issues and Care

Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, SB16-199
Strategic Planning Group on Aging, HB15-1033
Sales Tax Revenue to Older Coloradans Cash Fund, HB15-1100 (died in the Senate, received the Senior Lobby Award for this effort)
Consolidate Intellectual and Developmental Disability Waivers, HB15-1318
Cross-system Response Pilot Intellectual Developmental Disability, HB15-1368,
Therapeutic Drug Selections for Long-term Care, SB15-192

Access to Medical Care

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, HB16-1047
PUC Permit for Medicaid Transportation Providers, HB16-1097
License Pathways for Mental Health Workforce, HB16-1103
Home Modification Service in Medicaid Waivers, HB16-1195
Temporary Tax Incentive for Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees, HB16-1212 (died in Committee)
Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply, HB16-1322
Health Care Delivery Via Telemedicine Statewide, HB15-1029
Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriptive Authority, SB15-197

Veterans Issues and Support

Aligning Definition of Veteran with Federal Law, HB16-1125 (Received the United Veteran Committee Award)
Military Veteran Occupational Credentials, HB16-1197
Colorado Veterans’ Service-To-Career Pilot Program, HB16-1267
Completion Fitzsimons Veterans Community Living, HB16-1397
Professional Licensing for Military Veterans, SB16-134
Reserve Parking Disabled Military Parking License Plate, HB15-1026
Federal Law In-state Tuition for Veterans, HB15-1294
Limit Proxy Marriages to Military & Contractors, HB15-1327 (stopped human trafficking)
Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, HJR16-1015
Rename Portion Hwy 24 As Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Highway, SJR16-035

There are additional bills and resolutions reflected on the 2015-2016 Colorado Assembly Prior Sessions webpage.

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