Kit’s Legislative Record

Thank you to all who voted and supported me while I served you in the legislature. It’s important to give a list and recounting of what I did in support of our community while serving as your Representative.  Please, feel free to email me or call with questions you may have concerning any of these bills. Unless it says it died, the bill became law.


House Bill (HB)15-1017, Volunteer Fire Department Organization
HB15-1026, Reserve Parking Disabled Military Parking License Plate
HB15-1029, Health Care Delivery Via Telemedicine Statewide
HB15-1033, Strategic Planning Group on Aging
HB15-1072, Interactive Electronic Harassment
HB15-1091, Policies on Juvenile Shackling in Court
HB15-1096, Small Business Definition (died in committee)
HB15-1100, Sales Tax Revenue to Older Coloradans Cash Fund (died in the Senate, Senior Lobby Award)
HB15-1204, Distillery Pub Alcohol Beverage License
HB15-1207, Allow Driving with One Earphone
HB15-1217, Local Government Input Liquor Sales Room Applications
HB15-1231, Enhanced Unemployment Compensation Benefits
HB15-1271, Mobile Learning Labs Workforce Development
HB15-1274, Creation of Career Pathways for Students
HB15-1275, Career & Tech Education in Concurrent Enrollment
HB15-1284, Expand Scope Shared Photovoltaic Facilities
HB15-1294, Federal Law In-state Tuition for Veterans
HB15-1316, PUC Simplified Process for Taxicab Certificates (Uber/Lyft)
HB15-1317, Pay for Success Contracts
HB15-1318, Consolidate Intellectual and Developmental Disability Waivers
HB15-1323, Changes to Assessments in Public Schools
HB15-1325, Industrial Hemp Dept of Agriculture
HB15-1327, Limit Proxy Marriages to Military & Contractors (stopped human trafficking)
HB-15-1328, Background Checks for Youth Sports Organizations
HB15-1337, Placement Stability for Children and with Siblings
HB15-1366, Expand Job Growth Tax Credit for Higher Education Project
HB15-1368, Cross-system Response Pilot Intellectual Developmental Disability
HB15-1382, Work Force Innovation and Opportunity Act

Senate Bill (SB)15-030, Prostitution Defense for Human Trafficking Victim
SB15-082, County Workforce Development Property Tax Incentives
SB15-085, Small Business Cottage Foods Act
SB15-137, PACE Program Flexibility for Business Entity
SB15-138, ASCENT Program Funding
SB15-173, School District Data Protection and Transparency
SB15-187, High-performance Transportation Enterprise Loans
SB15-192, Therapeutic Drug Selections for Long-term Care
SB15-197, Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriptive Authority

There are additional bills and resolutions reflected on the 2015 Colorado Assembly Prior Sessions              2015 Colorado General Assembly Search Tool



House Bill (HB)16-1026, Repeal Dept of Revenue (DOR) Revenue Impact Accounting Requirements
HB16-1047, Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
HB16-1066, Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders
HB16-1073, Electrical Industry Safety and Training Act
HB16-1080, Assault by Strangulation
HB16-1097, PUC Permit for Medicaid Transportation Providers
HB16-1103, License Pathways for Mental Health Workforce
HB16-1104, Summons In Lieu of Warrant for Non-violent Crimes (Saves sheriff’s departments $250K / year)
HB16-1119, Modify Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Aircraft
HB16-1125, Aligning Definition of Veteran with Federal Law (United Veteran Committee Award)
HB16-1187, Sales &Use Tax Exemption Retirement Commercial Food
HB16-1195, Home Modification Service in Medicaid Waivers
HB16-1197, Military Veteran Occupational Credentials
HB16-1212, Temporary Tax Incentive for Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees (died in Committee)
HB16-1222, Supplement On-line Education & Blended Learning Resources
HB16-1224, Treat Trafficking of Children as Child Abuse
HB16-1260, Extend Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault
HB16-1267, Colorado Veterans’ Service-To-Career Pilot Program
HB16-1289, Incentives to Complete Career Development Courses
HB16-1291, Modern Technology Education in Public Schools
HB16-1301, Business Income Tax Credit Offer Apprenticeships
HB16-1320, Regulation of Massage Therapy
HB16-1322, Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply
HB16-1397, Completion Fitzsimons Veterans Community Living
HB16-1423, Student Data Collection Use Security
HB16-1440, Admin Flexibility for School Districts and Schools
HB16-1466, Promoting Affordable Housing
HB16-1467, First-time Home Buyer Savings Account Tax Deduction

Senate Bill (SB) 16-124, Machine Tools Sales Tax Exemption Recovered Materials
SB16-134, Professional Licensing for Military Veterans
SB16-197, Liquor-licensed Drugstores Multiple Licenses
SB16-199, Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly
SB16-203, Evaluation of the State’s Tax Expenditures
SB16-217, Expedite Litigation Workers’ Compensation Claims

HJR16-1015, Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center
SJR16-035, Rename Portion Hwy 24 As Buffalo Soldiers Memorial Highway

There are additional bills and resolutions reflected on the 2016 Colorado Assembly Prior Sessions  2016 Colorado General Assembly Search Tool