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Transparency on Claims

It is an honor and a privilege to serve our community.  In two years we voted on many bills, some good and some not ready for implementation.  Here I am responding to negative mailers concerning bills I voted against and providing an explanation of why. Feel free to email me about any of these bills.  Email is [email protected]  my cell phone number is 719-238-4656.

HB16-1004 and HB16-1355. Claims that I voted to support big corporations and to not protect drinking water.

Bill 1004 required measurable goals and deadlines for Colorado Climate Change Action Plan. The action plan that did not have specified goals, did not engage all stakeholder groups and placed unfunded mandates on local governments. Usually I appreciate the intention of such goals; however, it is meaningless without the details. Reporting on something we have no data on is a waste of taxpayer money.

Bill 1355 was local government siting authority for oil and gas facilities. The bill failed on the House floor with both Republicans and Democrats opposing it.

The better bills that I voted for are: HB16-1413 Refinance Water Pollution Control Program; HB16-1255 Manage Forests To Improve Water Supply Conditions; HB16-1256 to fund a direly needed South Platte River Water Storage Study; and HB15-1252 Extend Healthy Rivers Fund Voluntary Contribution.

HB16-1216. Claims that I voted against strengthening the independent ethics commission. This bill was to hire legal counsel for the existing ethics commission commissioners and ignores using the existing State Attorney General for legal counsel. This is an unnecessary duplication of government.

HB16-1366. Claims I didn’t protect seniors from price gouging on hearing aids. The bill expands what is defined as a deceptive trade practice. Seniors are protected already under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, which includes deceptive trade practices. We do not need another law.

Better bills I voted for are: HB15-1242 Patient Caregiver Designation Hospital Requirement; SB15-271 Continuation of the Office of Consumer Counsel; HB16-1027 Criminal Deposition For At-risk Persons; HB16-1101 Medical Decisions For Unrepresented Patients; HB16-1277 Appeal Process For Changes To Medicaid Benefits; HB16-1326 Consumer Access To Physical Rehab Services; HB16-1361 Patient Choice In Pharmacy; and SB16-120 Review By Medicaid Client For Billing Fraud.

HB16-1434. Claims I voted against eliminating secretive “dark money” campaign contributions. Much of this bill is already required under the current law, and expands ‘electioneering’ communications to any mailings and communications made during a specific period in the election cycle. Even so, much of the same information is already required and posted on mailings and submitted in periodic reports. The bill would expand the duties of the Secretary of State.

HB15-1018. Claims I voted against protecting seniors from elder abuse. The bill required untrained care takers to report signs of abuse and made these care takers responsible if something happened to the senior. The bill put forth $30,000 total to administer a state-wide program on elder abuse with the Dept of Human Services, which has failed to deliver in several programs including the Spring Creek Youth Detention Center here in Colorado Springs.

Better bills that I sponsored and voted for to protect and support our seniors are: HB15-1100 (Prime Sponsor) Sales Tax Revenue To Older Coloradans Cash Fund; HB15-1143, Tax Incentive For Home Health Care; HB16-1027 Criminal Deposition For At-risk Persons; HB16-1066 (Prime Sponsor) Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders; and SB16-199, Program Of All-inclusive Care For The Elderly.

HB15-1249. Claims I voted against protecting drinking water. The REAL bill was about Recodifying Water Pollution Control Fees – just fees. The better bills that I voted for are: HB16-1413 Refinance Water Pollution Control Program; HB16-1255 Manage Forests To Improve Water Supply Conditions; HB16-1256 South Platte Water Storage Study; and HB15-1252 Extend Healthy Rivers Fund Voluntary Contribution.

HB15-1346 and HB16-1279 Claims I voted to protect corporations from paying their fair share of taxes by assuming if you bank in an off-shore account you are intentionally skipping out on taxes. This has not been proven to be the case. Further, the bills extend outside of Colorado’s jurisdiction and would require a federal treaty to accomplish the action. Oregon has passed similar legislation, is unable to enact the law fully and the law has affected their economic development.

   Fictitiously states how much would go for schools and education because there is now way they can legally know what the revenue of such an action would be.

HB15-1230. Claims I voted against good paying renewable energy jobs. This bill’s real title is Innovative Industry Workforce Development Program, which was originally targeting small, new technology companies with fewer than 50 employees with limited subsidized internships. I voted for it in Committee. The bill changed to include large corporations that could afford to pay their own internships and I voted against it on those grounds.

The better bills are: HB15-1284 (Prime Sponsor) Expand Scope Shared Photovoltaic Facilities; SB15-254, Municipal Renewable Energy Tax Credits For Solar; and SB15-253 CO Water Conservation Bd Construction Fund Project