Announcing 2016 Re-election Run

2015-02-03 13.40.21COLORADO SPRINGS, CO July 27, 2015 State Representative for House District 17 Kit Roupé has filed paperwork with the Colorado Secretary of State to run for reelection in 2016.

In November 2014, Rep. Roupé, a Republican, beat the incumbent to win the seat in an upset. Her campaign platform focused on jobs and the economy, public safety, and education. The bills she sponsored and co-sponsored during the 2015 legislative session stayed true to her campaign promises.

Jeff Hays, Chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party, said, “Kit Roupé listened to the voters during her campaign, and she has worked hard to serve them and earn their trust and respect during her term. House District 17 is a complex district with competing philosophies, evenly split among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Kit has been successful because she builds consensus around real issues affecting her constituents.”

Rep. Roupé is particularly proud of three bills which passed through the legislature and which Governor Hickenlooper signed into law. She co-sponsored HB 15-1276, the WORK Act that provided grants to organizations that conducted outreach and recruitment for skilled worker training programs. She co-sponsored HB 15-1323, Changes to Assessments in Public Schools that reduced school testing 40 hours per student, permits parents to opt-out of certain testing, and pilot a Colorado testing program to replace Common Core. And she sponsored HB 15-1327, Limit Proxy Marriages which closed homeland security loopholes and stopped likely human trafficking abuses.

“My legislative successes during the 2015 session are already bringing jobs to Southeast Colorado Springs, positive changes to our school districts, and improvements to public safety,” Roupé said. “But there is still more to do. I am ready to go and willing to serve.”

During the 2016 session, Rep. Roupé intends to maintain her focus on jobs and the economy and public safety. She plans to introduce a bill that would increase manufacturing jobs and training, a bill that would reduce the number of state agencies overseeing the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD), and a bill that would establish a Domestic Violence Offender Registry.