Bringing Jobs and Education Home!

I'm very proud to represent our District and bringing jobs home!

Posted by Kit Roupe, State Representative on Sunday, October 16, 2016


It is my honor and humble privilege to serve our community! Over and over again I heard jobs, our economy, our children having employable work skills upon graduation, and reducing regulation were paramount to our district. Many of these bills did just these things. I worked with business, education, and workforce development in a bi-partisan way to get the work we need done.  Working with all three communities, I have either sponsored or voted for these following bills. The bold lettered titles are bills that I sponsored and cosponsored.


House Bill (HB)15-1158, Sales & Use Tax Refund For Data Centers

HB15-1096, (Prime Sponsor) Small Business Definition (died in committee)

HB15-1180, Sales & Use Tax Refund Med & Clean Technology

HB15-1191, Add Dentists To Physician Designation Act

HB15-1197, Indemnity In Public Construction Contracts

HB15-1204, Distillery Pub Alcohol Beverage License

HB15-1217, Local Government Input Liquor Sales Room Applications

HB15-1231, Enhanced Unemployment Compensation Benefits

HB15-1246, Crowdfund Intrastate Securities On-line

HB15-1271, Mobile Learning Labs Workforce Development

HB15-1274, Creation of Career Pathways for Students

HB15-1275, Career & Tech Education in Concurrent Enrollment

HB15-1276, Skilled Worker Outreach, Recruitment and Training

HB15-1284, (Prime Sponsor) Expand Scope Shared Photovoltaic Facilities

HB15-1294, Federal Law In-state Tuition for Veterans

HB15-1316, PUC Simplified Process for Taxicab Certificates (Uber/Lyft)

HB15-1317, Pay for Success Contracts

HB15-1323, Changes to Assessments in Public Schools

HB15-1325, Industrial Hemp Dept of Agriculture

HB15-1366, Expand Job Growth Tax Credit for Higher Education Project

HB15-1382, Work Force Innovation and Opportunity Act

HB16-1386, Align Recycling & Machine Tool Tax Exemptions

Senate Bill (SB)15-082, County Workforce Development Property Tax Incentives

SB15-085, Small Business Cottage Foods Act

SB15-137, PACE Program Flexibility for Business Entity

SB15-138, ASCENT Program Funding

SB15-173, School District Data Protection and Transparency

SB15-187, High-performance Transportation Enterprise Loans

SB15-197, Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriptive Authority



HB16-1026, Repeal Dept of Revenue (DOR) Revenue Impact Accounting Requirements

HB16-1047, Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

HB16-1073, Electrical Industry Safety and Training Act

HB16-1097, PUC Permit for Medicaid Transportation Providers

HB16-1103, License Pathways for Mental Health Workforce

HB16-1114, Repeal Duplicate Reporting Requirements

HB16-1119, Modify Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Aircraft

HB16-1156, Extend Pay Transparency Protection All Employees

HB16-1187, Sales &Use Tax Exemption Retirement Commercial Food

HB16-1197, Military Veteran Occupational Credentials

HB16-1212, (Prime) Temporary Tax Incentive for Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees (died in Committee, asked to bring it back, reimbursement to Medicaid providers to stay in business)

HB16-1222, Supplement On-line Education & Blended Learning Resources

HB16-1267, Colorado Veterans’ Service-To-Career Pilot Program

HB16-1270, Security Interest Owner’s Interest In Bus Entity

HB16-1288, Industry Infrastructure Grant Program

HB16-1289, Incentives to Complete Career Development Courses

HB16-1290, Extend Transitional Jobs Program

HB16-1291, Modern Technology Education in Public Schools

HB16-1301, Business Income Tax Credit Offer Apprenticeships

HB16-1404, Regulate Fantasy Contests

HB16-1423, Student Data Collection Use Security

HB16-1440, Admin Flexibility for School Districts and Schools

HB16-1453, Colorado Cybersecurity Initiative

SB16-050, Retailer Hold Harmless For Assigned Location Code

SB16-124, Machine Tools Sales Tax Exemption Recovered Materials

SB16-134, Professional Licensing for Military Veterans

SB16-143, Reduce Distiller Wholesaler Liquor Licensing Fees

SB16-197, Liquor-licensed Drugstores Multiple Licenses

SB16-217, Expedite Litigation Workers’ Compensation Claims