Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry

Today I was informed that I received the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI) endorsement.

This endorsement was earned, not given. I shared our story, my trust in you, and that we are solid, hardworking people.

If ever there was a test of my plan for how to improve House District 17’s economy and jobs, this was that test. Faced with over 60 business and industry representatives, I answered their questions and shared my plan with these very astute business people. I could have been proven a fool, or someone that really had some valuable ideas on how to get our economy back on track and how to create jobs. The latter won out.

House District 17 – my friends and neighbors, deserve to have a true chance at their American Dream. It is my goal to work so they can have that opportunity free of government’s oppressive regulation that does nothing for our economy. After four years, Colorado Springs and House District 17 are no better off. No one will rescue us but ourselves, and it starts by freeing our very talented friends and neighbors of oppressive regulations so they may reach for their Dreams.

Stay tuned as we are seeking more endorsements from solid organizations like the Association of General Contractors, the Colorado Contractors Association, the Colorado Association of Realtors, GreenCO, Colorado Dental Associations, the Family Practice Physicians, the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association, and many more. These organizations represent employers that want to grow and hire Coloradans, and most importantly, could give our youth a future. By telling our District’s story, I raise awareness about our talents and that we are valuable. Bringing employers together with those of us who are unemployed can only be a win-win situation.