CSPD Chief Carey Town Hall

When there’s a town hall I will attend it if at all possible. I care about listening to what the presenters have to say and to what the attendees are asking.

So the Police Chief’s town hall was an excellent opportunity to hear about CSPD outreach to minority communities to become a part of the police force.  Also discussed were issues surrounding gang activity, drug activity, school safety and other concerns.

A major concern was response times and the officers shared that the response times are no where near where they would like them to be. Manning and training academy recruitment was discussed. A most interesting revelation was that although minorities may sign up and be accepted into the Police Training Academy, many drop out at the demand of family and their friends.  Certainly job safety is a concern and some attrition can be tied back to job safety, but not all of it.

The CSPD is working to outreach to our minority communities to earn their trust and confidence. They do understand this may take some time and that there may be members of the CSPD that are problems. The Chief made the commitment to work with our community to resolve those officers that have forgotten community service above all and care for each citizen as if they are family. Further, he is intent on improving the police force diversity and will continue to recruit those interested in becoming police officers.