Did I Really? That’s news to even Me!

A magnifying glass hovering over several words like deceptions and lies, at the center of which is FactsDid I really do all that stuff, because it’s news to even Me!

Do you check negative ads?  I just came across one claiming I called for investigating Planned Parenthood and asked you to check the facts at CFA Foundation 2016 Voters Guide.  That’s news to me!  And, if you check the voter’s guide my name is followed by no answers…. why? Because I did not complete the survey.  CFA voter guide  So, go ahead and check the facts…

Why do they do that? Because you may not look. Just take their word for it.  Don’t. It’s just a smear because they don’t have any real facts. I invite you to check my Twitter account, my Facebook pages, Instagram and what you will find is shock, sadness, and deep concern for the victims at the clinic. But they have manufactured a fantasy, hoping you’ll believe what they say.

The other stuff in negative ads like tax havens, polluters, and power grabs?  I answered you in my post on Oct 18, 2016.  Here’s the link.  Accountable to You, Oct 18, 2016 post  I provide a link to the State General Assembly page so you can look up these bills and see how I voted and what these bills actually were about.

So thank you for checking on the details and getting the info right. And, thank you for your support and your vote.