Family Caregivers and Care Worker Forum

I attended the Family Caregivers and Care Worker Forum up in Denver to see what were the issues and what was seen as solutions to the problems.  There were other Denver legislators there and I was the only legislator from Colorado Springs.

There were several panels discussing several issues facing caregivers, particularly that these are skilled, educated workers being paid minimum wage. Several ideas were presented and I cannot say that I agreed with the solutions but I get the idea of what they feel are the most important issues. One, that to keep qualified, quality caregivers they need to make a reasonable wage to pay for the training and education.

Reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare certainly are being scrutinized and something must be done to have the reimbursement process more responsive to the caregivers. Some facts were startling and it would benefit Colorado and many of my senior friends in the District, to look for solutions to this very complex and challenging problem.