Helping those in Need

Spent some time at a homeless shelter serving those in need.ย  It is a humbling experience to see people helping others and those in need being grateful for our help.

Not the best photo, but what the heck, we do the right thing for the right reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was glad I could make a difference to those at the shelter and those working there.

The homeless shelter serves meals to those within the shelter and the families in the surrounding community that do not have enough to eat.ย  Some folks have just had some hard times and lost all that they owned. I can see myself or friends being faced with such desperate times.

I was also grateful to help out with a Church providing school supplies to families in need. It was a fun experience andย  I learned a great deal about how these good folks are struggling to overcome their situations. So many have just started new jobs and are now looking for a small place to live outside of the shelter. I always am willing to give a hand-up and that is what I see this good work within our ecumenical community being, a hand up to those on hard times.