Here’s the Spirit!

I was so proud of my friend, Tiko!

Let me introduce my friend, Dr. Tiko Hardy, Ph.D. Dr. Hardy presented her dissertation this week to an audience of friends, family, peers, and her evaluators.  Dr. Hardy’s research was about Community Health Centers (CHC) and how to ensure customer satisfaction. Not your typical satisfaction but the kind that reflects on the quality of care and the health of the patient. She looked at a broad audience of people using the CHCs and she presented her findings.

Dr. Hardy looked at the Centers here in Colorado Springs for her research. She wanted to find out what would ensure the quality of care for the patients visiting the centers and was their an existing way to make any changes. Dr. Hardy would like to redo the existing survey so it captures the things that will tell a complete story. These centers often serve the elderly, the under-insured, the poor, and surprisingly enough, some of our veterans and their families. This was Tiko’s contribution to our community and her talents are richly appreciated by those present and those who will benefit from her work. Thank you, Tiko!