Honor Our Veterans

honor veteransToday, this Veterans Day, I say Thank you!  Thank you to all the Veterans that have served our country selflessly and with dignity and honor. Our Veterans have served our country with the strong belief that democracy and freedom are ideals to be upheld around the world. Our Veterans are symbols of our democracy.  Our Veterans are symbols of our honor. Our Veterans are symbols of our innovation, tenacity, teamwork and most assuredly our humanity.  Today, it is our time, as a Nation and for each of us to Honor Our Veterans.

Never forget that our Veterans stand ready to fight for our democracy and our freedoms at a moment’s notice so that we may be safe here at home. That is a great sacrifice. Have you not met a Veteran struck with silence when you ask them their tales of the war? Where do they begin?  Our movies try to tell the story in so many ways, but never the true, harsh, and horrible reality of it that each Veteran lives with day-to-day.

So, on this Veterans Day, I ask all my friends today to stop and honor our Veterans.  We know peace because of their sacrifice.  We know civil discourse because of their sacrifice.  We know opportunity because of their sacrifice.  We know our Rights as Americans because of their sacrifice.

I ask employers to seek out Veterans and hire them, knowing that they have hired resourceful, intelligent and honorable workers.  I ask bankers and lenders to consider coaching and working with Veterans to start businesses so they may help grow opportunity and find their American Dream, the Dream they fought so hard to protect.  It is the least we can do for all they have done for us.

And I say Thank You to all our Veterans!  May you have Peace in your Hearts and Minds. May you know that we, your fellow Americans, stand by you, care about you and will go the extra mile to be there for you. You are not alone, never alone.  God Bless our Veterans!  I am Proud to be an American and I am so very Proud of You!