Meeting neighbors and friends

gun show editedWhat a great time I’m having walking precincts and meeting each of my new found neighbors and friends. Each of us has our story to tell. I want to learn more about what matters to each of you and I hope I visit everyone before November.

Every story tells me of the great strength, initiative, and creativity each American holds within their minds. I have met such great talent and hard working people that I am excited to tell each of their stories, and I hold each of them dear to my heart.

I’ve attended so many luncheons, events, shows, and all for a single purpose of listening to what matters to you and learning about what I can do to make a different for you. We are in such a great community and yet we struggle. I want to unite us for the purpose of improving our lives and the lives of our families and children. I am looking forward to being your state representative, because we can and do make all the difference.