My first bill dies on a Party-line vote

2015-02-03 13.41.38Today I presented HB15-1096, Definition of a Small Business.  The testimony from the Colorado Springs Business Alliance, NFIB, and a representative for Jefferson County chambers, and a Latino chamber supporting our bill fell on deaf ears.  In a party-line vote, our bill died in the Business Affairs and Labor committee.

Small businesses lost when Democrats killed this bill. We should not assume a business of five employees and one with 500 employees have the same needs and concerns. Without specific language defining what a small business is we will continue to have uncertainty here at the legislature, and ultimately be less effective at meeting the needs of business owners in the state.

Amazing to me were those who voted against the bill coming up to me later and saying they liked the bill.  No matter, I will continue to work with our business communities and bring this bill back next year.