Protecting the Environment is critical to all Colorado



It is an honor and a privilege to serve our community.  I’d like to share what we did to protect our Colorado environment this first term. I voted for sound policy. The bills listed below were the bills I voted for and I either sponsored or was the prime sponsor of the bills in bold. Here is also a link to the General Assembly home page. Under Session Information, pick Prior Sessions to look up previous years’ bills. It’s one way to fact check a vote.

I am also aware that many workforce development and school initiatives are of interest to educating our communities about the environment. I attended an Intro to American Politics at Colorado College. Here’s just a piece of the two hours I visited with Rep Pete Lee and spoke to three combined classes.

So here we go! Feel free to email me about any of these bills.  Email is [email protected]  my cell phone number is 719-238-4656.  I may have to stop and look it up but I will remember once I see the bill.

2015 session:

House Bill (HB) 15-1102, Expansion of the Colorado Cottage Food Act, signed into law (We all worry about GMOs and our economy. This bill was excellent at addressing both.)

HB15-1132, Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, died in the senate

HB15-1180, Sales & Use Tax Refund for Medical and Clean Technology, signed into law

HB15-1246, Crowdfund Intrastate Securities On-line, signed into law

HB15-1252, Extend Healthy Rivers Fund Voluntary Contribution, signed into law

HB15-1284, (Prime Sponsor) Expand Scope Shared Photovoltaic Facilities, signed into law

HB15-1316, PUC Simplified Process for Taxicab Certificates, signed into law

HB15-1325, Industrial Hemp Dept of Ag, died in the senate

HB15-1348, Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act, signed into law

HB15-1363, Infrastructure Resistance to EMP and Solar Flare, died in the house

HB15-1382, Work Force Innovation and Opportunity Act, died in the senate

HB15-1386, Align Recycling & Machine Tool Tax Exemption, died in the senate

Senate Bill (SB) 15-046, Renewable Energy Standard Adjust REAs Distribution Generation, signed into law

SB16-057, Clean Claims Task Force Reporting Requirements, signed into law

SB15-138, ASCENT Program Funding, signed into law

SB15-187, High-performance Transportation Enterprise Loans, signed into law

SB15-121, Drinking Water Fund Assistance Non-profits, signed into law

SB15-183, Quantify Water Right Historical Consumptive Use, signed into law

SB15-253, Fund Colorado Conservation Board Projects, signed into law

SB15-254, Municipal Renewable Energy Tax Credits for Solar, signed into law

 2016 session:

HB16-1005, Residential Percipitation Collection, signed into law

HB16-1019, Broadcast Burns Watershed Protection, signed into law

HB16-1053, Retail Hydrogen Fuel Systems Regulation, signed into law

HB16-1066, Electrical Industry Safety and Training Act, signed into law

HB16-1079, Pesticide free Cannabis Certification Program, died in the senate

HB16-1109, Application of State Water Law to Federal Agencies, signed into law

HB16-1174, Conservation Easement Tax Credit Landowner Relief, signed into law

HB16-1249, Recodify Water Pollution Control Fees, signed into law (materials says I voted against it, I voted for it)

HB16-1255, Manage Forests to Improve Water Supply Conditions, signed into law

HB16-1256, South Platte Water Storage Study, signed into law

HB16-1276, Conduct Emergency Response at Legacy Mining Sites, signed into law

HB16-1413, Water Pollution Control Projects, signed into law

HB16-1458, Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects, signed into law

SB16-003, Broadcast Burns Wildfire Risk Reduction, signed into law

SB16-021, Recognition of Public Lands Day, signed into law

SB16-058, Colorado Farm to Consumer sales, signed into law

SB16-124, Machine Tools Sales Tax Exempt Recovered Materials, signed into law

SB16-145, Colorado River District Subdistrict Formation, signed into law

SB16-171, New Energy Improvement District Clarifications, signed into law

SB16-185, E-15 Gasoline Income Tax Credit for Retail Dealers, signed into law