Seniors deserve our support and respect

It is an honor and a privilege to serve our community.  I’d like to share what we did do directly for Seniors this first term. I voted for sound policy, not patronizing, inadequate policy. I also believe we should not balance the budget on the backs of our Seniors. Our Seniors deserve our support and our respect. This is one of many reasons I received the Colorado Senior Lobby Serving our Seniors Recognition award.

I am also aware that many workforce development and school initiatives are of interest to Seniors and I will address these under a separate web post.

So here we go! Feel free to email me about any of these bills.  Email is [email protected]  my cell phone number is 719-238-4656  I may have to stop and look it up but I will remember once I see the bill.

2015 BILLS

House Bill (HB) 15-1069, Information required for Homestead Exemption, signed into law

HB15-1083, Patient Financial Contributions for Physical Rehabilitation Services, died in the senate

HB15-1100, (Prime Sponsor) Sales Tax Revenue to Older Coloradans Cash Fund, died in the senate

HB15-1102, (Sponsor) Expansion of the Colorado Cottage Food Act, signed into law

HB15-1132, Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, died in the senate

HB15-1143, Tax Incentive for Home Health Care, voted for it. Died in House Finance

HB15-1182, Scope of Practice Certified Nurse Aides, signed into law

HB15-1233, Respite care study task force, signed into law

HB156-1234, Income tax credit for leasing out Ag assets, died in the senate

HB15-1242, (Sponsor) Patient Caregiver Designation Hospital Requirement, signed into law

HB15-1302, Assisted Living Facility Administration Continuing Education, died in the senate

Senate Bill (SB) 15-137, PACE Program Flexibility for Business Entity, signed into law

SB15-192, Therapeutic Drug Selections for Long-term Care, signed into law

SB15-240, Funding Formula Independent Living Centers, signed into law

SB15-271, Continuation of the Office of Consumer Counsel, signed into law

2016 BILLS

HB16-1027, Criminal Deposition for At-risk Persons, signed into law

HB16-1047, Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, signed into law

HB16-1051, Forms of Transfer Vehicle Ownership upon Death, signed into law

HB16-1065, Income Tax Credit for Home Health Care, voted for it. Died in House Finance

HB16-1066, (Prime sponsor) Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders, signed into law

HB16-1080, Assault by Strangulation, signed into law

HB16-1095, Health Insurance for Prescription Eye Drop Refills, signed into law

HB16-1097, PUC Permit for Medicaid Transportation Providers, signed into law

HB16-1101, Medical Decisions for Unrepresented Patients, signed into law

HB16-1142, Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Tax Credit, signed into law

HB16-1161, Allocate Senior Property Tax Exemption Money, signed into law

HB16-1175, Property Tax Exemption Administration, signed into law

HB16-1195, Home Modification Services in Medicaid Waivers, died in senate

HB16-1212, (Prime sponsor) Temporary Tax Incentive for Unreimbursed Medicaid Fees, died in committee

HB16-1269, Electronic and Mail Application for ID Cards, signed into law

HB16-1277, Appeal Process for Changes to Medicaid Benefits, signed into law

HB16-1321, Medicaid Buy-in Certain Medicaid Waivers, signed into law

HB16-1326, Consumer Access to Physical Rehab Services, died in the senate

HB16-1361, Patient Choice in Pharmacy, died in senate

HB16-1366, Hearing Aid Users Enhanced Protections, voted no, died in senate

HB16-1380, Add In-home Support Services Certain Medicaid Waivers, died in senate

HB16-1381, Health Care Coverage for Cancer Screening, died in senate

HB16-1394, Aligning Issues Around At-risk Persons, signed into law

HB16-1398, Implement Respite Care Task Force Recommendations, signed into law

HB16-1407, Extend Medicaid Payment Report and Innovation Pilot, signed into law

HB16-1465, (Sponsor) Modifications Low-income Housing Tax Credit, signed into law

HB16-1466, Promoting Affordable Housing, died in senate

SB16-009, Prohibit Referral Fees when Dividing Dental Fees, signed into law

SB16-027, Medicaid Option for Prescribed Drugs by Mail, signed into law

SB16-069, Community Paramedicine Regulation, signed into law

SB16-120, Review by Medicaid Client for Billing Fraud, signed into law

SB16-133, Transfer of Property Rights at Death, signed into law

SB16-135, Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Agreements, signed into law

SB16-158, Physician Duties Delegated to Physician Assistant, signed into law

SB16,199, Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, signed into law