Service to You

cuPlainly, I work for you. You may have gotten my walking pieces saying, ‘give me a call if you have any questions.’  Well one constituent did and it saved the day.

A couple emailed me and Senator Merrifield.  I don’t know if the Senator answered, but I did.  The center of the email goes like this…

To describe this problem, I will simply begin with the fact that my wife is a childhood arrival–one of the estimated 11 million in the United States–from Indonesia and, in the last semester of her education at CU-Denver, was asked to produce a Social Security number. This was in order to keep in-state tuition and her family, who had been paying tuition with cash every semester, was priced out of completing her education. … Up to that time, she had a Tax I.D. Number and paid income tax. The request for a Social Security number frightened my wife and other friends in the same situation. Frankly, her friends and she believed that someone would deport them, and so most of them did not answer the request.

Well, we didn’t solve the Tax I.D. Number and Social Security number. That is an issue I am pursuing with Congressman Lamborn, but we did satisfactorily resolve the issue of the tuition!

Working with the school, my constituent was greatly satisfied with my help. I wrote to follow up and find out if all went well or if the problem was still a problem. On August 8th my friend wrote…

Yes! And, we have begun payments on a settlement the school reached with us for “back owed” tuition. Thank you for getting back with us!

The Chancellor’s office was very kind with us. My wife is working as a CNA now and will have access to her student files once again. Blessings,

Serving our community is more than just writing laws. I believe in providing resources and solutions to problems you may have. That’s what it means to me to work for you.