Supporting our Youth

Congrats to all the Scholarship Recipients!2016-08-04-17-51-05

It was an honor and a privilege to attend a terrific Scholarship Award dinner at Penrose House. Four organizations presented their scholarships to our local students, several from Pikes Peak Community College, Mitchell High School, Sierra High School and Harrison High School.  Congratulations to all the scholarship winners!

Our keynote speaker, Judge Christine Arguello shared her personal story of tenacity, perseverance, never taking ‘no’ as the final answer, and her interesting and wonderful career and so many accolades that it would be impossible to list them all here. Her story and how she tells it were inspiring as well as foretelling for the scholarship recipients.  I’ve included a list of all the scholarship recipients in the photos on this post. Take a look at who they are and the specialty fields they wish to pursue. It is impressive!

This was a very well attended event, with parents and community organizations well represented throughout the audience. CU Regent Kyle Hybl was there along with the community leaders of each scholarship organizations. In addition to me, City Councilman Andy Pico and Commissioner-elect Longines Gonzales were there to support these great organizations and the scholarship recipients. Let me say thank you to El Pomar, The American GI Forum, Cinco de Mayo Inc, and Esperanza Education Foundation for their dedication to investing in our wonderfully talent youth in our community!

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