Suspend Sales Tax License Fee

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014, the Colorado Springs City Council discussed three sales tax license ordinances. Our City Councilwoman, Helen Collins, introduced these measures earlier in June (, the ordinance revision passed 5 to 4, and Mayor Bach vetoed the license fee measures. In fact, Councilwoman Collins worked on these measures for a year with the intent of reducing the cost for small businesses and show Colorado Springs as a business-friendly community. The Council, on July 1st, had the opportunity to override the Mayor’s veto with a super majority vote of 6 to 3.

Knowing this was happening, I went to represent small businesses within the District and support Councilwoman Collins. I spoke of the small margins businesses work within and that cash flow is critical. I also testified that I too have a sales tax license and, as a new business, my cash flow is very susceptible to variations in business activity. There certainly was discussion among the council members. Yet, council members remained at a stand still over whether this should be a permanent change or a temporary change. In the end, the vote remained 5 to 4 and the Mayor won the veto.

To be a community leader, one has to stand up in the fight and speak up for the people we represent. That’s what leaders do when it matters. We may not win every battle, but we believe we must take the risk of doing something that can make a difference. We get on the record. We stand the test of criticism from the media or our friends and neighbors.

Asking to be District 17’s leader, I feel it is necessary to show my willingness to speak up for our community. To show that I am not just saying I want to represent my constituency, but to prove it.  My testimony at city council is not the first time that I have represented our community’s interest, but it is the latest. I am ready and willing to be our community’s representative at the State Capital. We certainly deserve better than what we have now. We deserve someone fighting for us.