Take that IRS!

2016-08-18-09-25-43I work hard to reach out into our community and offer my aid to everyone in our District. So what does that look like?

How about my friend Arturo and his battle with the IRS. Arturo pays his taxes, pays his payroll, and takes care of his family. So after filing his taxes the IRS asked him for a form that he already submitted.  He sent in proof of filing out the form and it was date stamped. Again, another letter. Very unnerving to say the least.

Arturo fills out the form, again, and sends it in. Again, big dismay in that the IRS says he has not submitted the form. What the heck you say!  He and I, both try following the rules and contacting the IRS by phone. What a mess!  So, I made a phone call and got a pro who works with the IRS all the time on these matters.

Within a month the situation was fixed, Arturo received his tax refund with interest and put the refund toward his daughters college education.  I’m sure we’re not done. It is the IRS afterall, but we’ve got their number and know how to deal with them!