The 2016 Line-up

H-Roupe-KitIt is my honor to serve our Community at the State Legislature. I had many issues brought to me and few we will continue to work on. I have a philosophy that if the bill isn’t ready, don’t run it. Still, a good issue deserves continued work and I have several that are ‘still in the works.’ Here though are the bills I am Prime Sponsor for this year.

HB16-1066, Habitual Domestic Violence Offender

From our district I have strong bi-partisan support for this bill. This bill will make it a Class 5 Felony on the fourth offense of domestic violence, provides consistent information on what is evidence of domestic violence, and allows the introduction of out-of-state convictions of domestic violence. Scheduled Feb 16, 2016 in House Judiciary.

HB16-1104, Summons in Lieu of Warrant for Non-Violent Felony

Brought to me by our Sheriffs, this bill will allow local communities to decide a ticket summons to court for low-income people who commit a felony that does not involve a weapon, domestic violence or assault.  Many low-income people lose their jobs because they cannot post the bail.  At $80 per day to the jail system, and the loss of their jobs, we see people commit more crimes and apply for government assistance. This bill will help end this negative cycle. Scheduled Feb 16, 2016 in House Judiciary.

HB16-1125, Aligning Definition of “Veteran” with Federal Law

The time spent debating what a military “Veteran” is and what is not is staggering, and that is after only my first year. I worked with the United Veterans Committee and the Colorado Department of Veteran Affairs to craft the bill.  Many fellow representatives wanted to protect a personal experience, family members, and constituents. I get it, yet it distracted us from what a bill would accomplish. So why debate it? With unanimous committee and House votes, this bill passed on February 9th and is now in the Senate.

HB16-1212, Temporary Tax Incentive for the Unreimbursed Portion of Medicaid

Would you work for charity even if you couldn’t claim the charity?  That is what we expect of Medicare and Medicaid providers. Reimbursed less than the cost of providing these services, we are seeing many doctors refuse or severely limit the number of patients they accept because of this disparity. Expanding Medicaid and a loss of doctor providers is a recipe for huge failure.

A true Republican bill, it allows providers a $1 for $1 credit before submitting tax returns. My goal is to keep and possibly incentivize doctors to accept Medicaid patients. We have enormous support for this bill.

Currently the bill is a 50% tax credit on the unreimbursed amount with a 3-year sunset (would have to be renewed after 3 years). We expect a huge fiscal note and will likely need to amend the original bill if we want any relief for providers to pass. Amended, we would target service areas that have the greatest provider shortfalls, and we will be able to test the bill’s merits. Not scheduled yet, this bill will go to House State. Veterans Affairs Committee