Trucking Industry Support

Trucking Moves America Forward, that’s the Colorado Motor Carriers Association.  Representing another working industry that supports hardworking Americans, I am very pleased to have the CMCA’s support in this election.

With over 450 companies represented by CMCA, this organization does well for the companies and their staffs. There are safety bulletins, cooperative health insurance to keep the cost down for companies and their employees, and professional training. They keep companies and the drivers informed about changing laws and regulations. They also sponsor an annual Truck Driving competition (Truck Roadeo) that allows professional drivers to demonstrate their driving skills and proficiencies and to be recognized in their industry nationally.

As I’ve walked through our district, I have met several commercial truck drivers that supplement their incomes or work full-time bringing products from the manufacturer to us. It is no wonder that CMCA and our campaign have found a perfect match as we both work to make Colorado stronger!