Our representative should have to live in our shoes

Our representative should have to live in our shoes. As a single mom, I had to choose between going to work and taking a day off to save on child care and gas.  I’ve walked a mile from the bus stop to a job interview.

I still don’t have a retirement or a comfortable job.  I have a small business and I have to pay the bills myself.  My health care premiums are higher now than they were before. I have two cars, paid for, and both have over 200,000 miles on them. My townhouse isn’t worth more than $150,000, but it’s mine.

I understand our community’s problems, and I’m active to fix them.  Today, I serve on a charter school’s board and on transportation committees.  I’m a tireless advocate for single parents and families.  I’m also a military veteran.  So are my children.

Having held my ground all my life, I’m ready for the fight.  I would be honored to serve my fellow Americans and give them back their voice in Denver.  I promise I will walk the district again, after the election. I promise I will listen and work for you, and only you.